What is Posture correction?

Posture Correction is a therapy where by the body is made to align against gravity how it occurs in nature .Indeed it is the correct posture that will allow the body to do its function to its full capacity without causing undue stress on other parts of the body. If the posture is incorrect or deviated, it has a profound effect on the other structures of the body as they try to compensate for the incorrect part, which in turn damages it. So for the long run it is vital to have posture correction to avoid any unnecessary musculoskeletal issues.

Posture Correction

Why Posture Correction is vital?

Posture is the way of holding our body upright against gravity during sitting, standing or laying down. The centre of the gravity passes thru specific points in the body. A view from Back side of the body will show you that this line passes from the middle of skull, through the occipital protuberance, then thru C7 and L5 spinouts processes, down thru the coccyx and pubic cartilage, and then right thru the knees and ankles. This is a hypothetical line and it very useful to know to define what a correct posture is and what is abnormal. So to know the right techniques regarding the right posture is important in order to avoid musculoskeletal disorders.

How to know if my posture is correct or not?

It is very important to correct posture but it is not as easy as it sounds. Why do I say that? I say this because your body repeatedly has been performing the same movements over and over again when you sit, stand or lay down. Thus it is a very conscious effort. You can assess yourself if you have a proper posture or not. You can stand in front of the mirror straight. See yourself if everything is in its place. Check if both the waist line is in same curvature. Then turn to one side and see yourself again. Check if your neck is protruding forwards or if your shoulders are more rounded forward. If the answer is yes then it has to be corrected as soon as possible.

How physio can help you achieve in right posture?

Your local physio is the right health professional to consult regarding posture correction. physio can also help you in identifying your posture style and can give you hands-on treatment and some posture correction exercises. Furthermore, it can recommend you products for you in order to achieve great posture.

Please always get professional advice from your local physio regarding WHY & HOW you improve your posture.

How can you book an appointment?

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