Prime Physio Care (PPC) is built on with years of extensive professional knowledge and experience, working with a diverse set of patients both culturally and medically and treatment strategies. At PPC our approach is all about our patients’ problems, needs, their goals and recovery. We make sure in spending some time in having a thorough assessment to understand your condition and worries and design tailored physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation programs that cater holistically to a patient. We work continuously to give patients a satisfied and quality experience while delivering high standards of service and care.
We are a hands-on clinic. we will not just give you a list of patient-specific tailored exercise programmes but also treat the problem from its roots through varies techniques in Manual Therapy and electrotherapy. We are specialised in Ergon IASTM manual technique and skills such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations. We are also skilled in Women’s health post-natal problems WE are certified by Mummy MOT a known brand in the UK in Women’s health.

Why Us

We are the only physio clinic that not only caters to general musculoskeletal but also women’s health post-natal problems with their abdomen, urinary leakages and backaches. Our prices are nominal, and our physiotherapist staff is experienced, certified and registered. Our main goal is to help enhance your functional recovery and promote a healthy, holistic and proactive lifestyle.
Along with treatment sessions, a big part is also spent in patient education and awareness which has proven benefits in treating conditions.
If you have any questions about how our treatments work don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.