Full Body Mummy MOT

Full Body Mummy MOT Expert Physios

What is Full Body Mummy MOT?

Full body mummy mot is a thorough check-up of the mummy 6 weeks postnatal and beyond. It not only checks what problems there might be but also checks mum functionally. The assessment includes checking the posture , checking any musculoskeletal functions that might be going off track as well as muscle strength of the pelvic floor and abdomen muscle to assess core muscle strength. The mummy MOT is a famous brand that started off in London by Maria Elliot and it has been utilised by famous celebrity mums to get back on track of fitness. Now it is run across UK by certified Mummy MOT practitioners. We at PPC are proud to have certified Mummy MOT Physios that can help you to achieve your faintness goals.

Full Body Mummy MOT

How Mummy MOT Helps Women

A Mummy MOT helps women prevent these problems that are distressing and sometimes humiliating. The examination of the tummy gap and pelvic floor by a professional physiotherapist allows the development of a personalized post-natal recovery program plan tailored specifically for the woman, her lifestyle, and fitness objectives, including precise and secure post-natal exercises to restore stability and optimum function.

So what does Mummy MOT assessment includes?

It's a 1 hour thorough assessment
Full posture analysis
Abdominal muscle examination
Sexual bowel or bladder dysfunction
Assessment of Pelvic floor
any related Musculoskeletal disorder

Do I need Full Body Mummy MOT?

After birth, mum’s body has gone thru immense changes and although some mums might find having no problems at all, they still need to get checked as sometimes problems like recurring back pain or urinary incontinence can show up later in life. Thus it is highly recommended to have a routine 6 weeks postnatal check by a women’s health physiotherapist or a pelvic floor physiotherapist.

How can you book an appointment with PPC for Mummy MOT Assessment?

We aim to see you within 24 hours so contact us to make an appointment or to find out more information on how we can help you, please call us on 07515280990 or email us primephysiocareluton@gmail.com