Post-Surgical & Injuries Rehab

Surgical intervention is a very traumatic and invasive procedure that involves many structures both joints and soft tissues. No surgery is considered a success if the previous functionality is not achieved. thus, for this a special Rehab program is designed that meets your goals and your usual functionality. The Rehab program concentrates on proper joint motion, muscles strength break any abnormal adhesions, possibly balance train to avoid re-injury. Rehabilitation program takes time, step by step to achieve appropriate results.

How does Rehabilitation program work?

The rehabilitation program has short term goals and long-term goals, set according to the patient’s requirement.

Short term goals would include typically:

1- Pain management.
2- Reduction of swelling.
3- Movement of the joint within a pain-free range to avoid joint adhesions.


Long term goals would include typically:

1- Strengthening muscles.
2- Balance re-education.
3- Being able to do Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
4- Building endurance.
5- Achieving full pain-free range of motion in the joint.

At PPC we have extensive experience rehabilitating people from a variety of surgical procedures. Below is a list of common surgeries we see (this is not exhaustive).


  • ACL reconstruction
  • Meniscal repairs
  • Ligament repairs
  • Arthroscopies
  • Patellofemoral re-alignment
  • Total knee replacement
  • Microfracture/ Chondroplasty

Back & Neck

  • Micro-discectomy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Disc replacement


  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Sub-acromial decompression
  • Stabilisation


  • Total hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Labral repair/debridement
  • Arthroscopy


  • Lateral ligament stabilisation
  • Achilles tendon repairs
  • Arthroscopy

How can you book an appointment?

We aim to see you within 24 hours so contact us to make an appointment or to find out more information on how we can help you, please call us on 07515280990 or email us